View Full Version : Another pointless homicide using a gun...

August 16, 2009, 01:46 PM

This time, somebody chose to start a fight over "cutting in line." Fisticuffs went almost instantly to a drawn handgun. The person killed was, of course, an innocent bystander.


1) Shooter was apparently a felon, whose possession of the handgun was already illegal. More gun laws would have had zero impact.

2) The guy who was targeted in the shooting had not actually started the fist-fight. His offense was to have been perceived to have jumped the line. The guy who drew and fired the gun was not the guy who first threw punches, but apparently was with the guy who first threw punches.

3) Not blaming either victim, but will point out that jumping in line, or driving a vehicle in what could be perceived as a rude manner, are two actions that are very likely to bring out crazy behavior in unstable individuals.

4) This is a good example of why machismo is severely over-rated. You never know how the stranger will react.