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August 16, 2009, 01:39 PM
I inherited this shotgun from my father in 1990.


What I know:

The gun is a model Flite King RIOT Model K-102 with 18" bbl, and 6 shot magazine capacity
It has no serial number

What I don't know:

Whether the sights are the factory "rifle sights" or not
When it was made

According to the 19th Ed of Shideler's, "Serial numbers began appearing on the High Standard shotguns during mid to late 1967. Beginning about 1958 many of these shotguns had a two-letter date code."

No model K-102 "RIOT" is listed in that book.

The 13th Fjestad book shows, under Slide Action Riot Shotgun: "K-102, 12 ga., 20 in. barrel, cylinder bore, catelog #8112, 1964-1965.

The 1965 Gun Digest (which I just happen to have because of the story in my signature) does not list this gun among the other High Standard Flite King models.

The 1966 Gun Digest DOES list this gun: "Hi-Standard Flite King Riot - Same as Flite-King except: 12-ga. only, 20" Cyl. bore bbl., 6-shot 39 3/4" over-all, 7 lbs. Also available with 7-shot cap., 18" or 20" bbl., 7 1/4 libs. $79.95. With rifle sights, checked, 18" bbl. $106.95."


When was this gun made? Near where the bbl. meets the receiver is a stamp with a Chevrolet like symbol and "11". See pic above. Is this the "two letter" date code? If so, what year does it signify?
Is that sight the factory "rifle sight"?
Based on these pictures, how would you rate the condition of this shotgun? 80%?

Thanks in advance!

P5 Guy
August 16, 2009, 01:46 PM
That is one nice looking riot gun. What a beauty you have there.

August 16, 2009, 05:06 PM
Some of the riot shotguns were made with receivers from the brush model which were drilled and tapped at the factory for side mounted sights. My son's Brush Model came with a slug barrel and rifle sights which are mounted on the barrel which are standard rifle sights, and his receiver is also drilled and tapped and has Deluxe wood. So sometimes features of different models were mixed and matched.
The finish on your receiver resembles the brush model receiver and not the standard riot model having a slightly different bluing.
So in short, your receiver was factory drilled & tapped but it's unknown if the peep sights are factory or not.
The Brush Deluxe Model as described in Blue Book did come with "adjustable aperture rear sight, checkered stock, recoil pad, swivels and sling, 20 in. barrel only, made 1964 -66."
So it's possible that your peep sights were a factory option.

The High Standard website shows that your 102 riot model was made from 1964 -1965, Catalog #8109:



At the bottom of the H.S. home page is a link to the forum to ask questions about High Standard products. You might try asking Mr. Stimson who created the website if he knows which brand of peep sights were supplied by the factory. :)

August 16, 2009, 06:02 PM
I'd guess the sight is original, but maybe not. It's correct in any case.

Looking at the '67 Shooter's Bible, there is a Flite-King Brush Gun and a Deluxe model. Neither has a full-length mag tube and both have substantially longer forends that aren't corncobs like yours.

"...the Brush Deluxe has Williams receiver peep site, leather sling and swivels."

"The Standard Brush comes with adjustable rifle sights on barrel. The receiver is drilled and tapped for Williams receiver peep sights and provision is made for attachment of swivels."

Condition? Looks really good from here. 90%? 95%? Could be more, who knows.


August 16, 2009, 06:08 PM
Date codes: www.histandard.info/datapublic/serial/HIGH%20STANDARD%20DATE%20CODE.pdf

Assuming it's II, that would be September, 1965.