View Full Version : speed bead

August 13, 2009, 05:43 PM
has anyone used the red dot sight called speed bead? I saw it in a magazine looked it up online it won NAR bullseye award. It looks cool but is it worth $250 my 870 only cost $300.

the rifleer
August 13, 2009, 05:57 PM
In my opinion no optic is going to make a shot gunner truly better. Things like tru-glow i hear work well, but they are no where near that much and are very simple.

I don't know what the particular sight you are looking at is, but I have shot a shotgun with a red dot sight and for shooting slugs at 50 yards it works well, but it makes it awkward and difficult to shoot clays with.

My guess is no, its not worth $250. I probably wouldn't put one on my shot gun even if someone gave it to me, but because I use mine for solely for clays.

Use the money to buy ammo and improve your skills. You could spend thousands of dollars on tactical flash lights and scope mounts and night vision goggles and lasers and all kinds of crap, but if you never go out and put some rounds down range, it doesn't do you much good does it? what happens when you are in the feild and the battery dies?