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August 10, 2009, 03:35 AM
So I have a olderish commercial Mauser rifle that I am looking to replace the stock on. its the older setup with the safety on the bolt. So will stocks setup with the safety on the right side along side the bolt like remingtons do work? or better yet what synthetic stocks will work and not look gimpy and leave gaps? its a 30-06 of that matters at all.

August 12, 2009, 07:17 AM
When considering any replacement stock for a Mauser rifle, there are two primary differences, and two additional minor differences.

The differences can be worked around with a wood stock, but not necessarily with a synthetic one.

The two main differences would have to take into consideration matching the type of Mauser action your rifle has (larger ring or small ring), and it's length.

Because you mentioned it's a commercial Mauser in .30-06, I would presume it's based on a large ring Model 98 - and any stock for that model should fit with possibly minor fudging.

The two minor differences would be a replacement stock's inletting for a particular barrel contour, and for that side safety.
Wood stocks can have the barrel channel reamed out to fit a larger barrel or filled with glass-bedding to fit a slimmer barrel - not so easy with a synthetic.
Ditto the side safety inletting - some replacement stocks, mostly wood, come un-inletted for it, leaving that fitting to the buyer - but if the one you buy does, it will have to be filled.
AFAIK, most synthetic replacement stocks are inletted for the side safety, since inletting one is a PITA - as is filling the gap in one.


James K
August 12, 2009, 11:57 PM
PetahW is correct, but I think we need some more info, like the exact markings on the gun. There are different Mauser actions, and some guns described as Mausers are very different when it comes to stocks (an example being the Swedish Husqvarna).

There are drop in stocks only for the most common rifles; something different would probably require using a semi-finished stock and doing a lot of whittling. Synthetic stocks are made for a specific rifle and there is not much leeway in fitting them.


August 14, 2009, 02:49 AM
I should have been a touch more specific when describing the rifle. The rifle is a FN Mauser imported by Firearms International. I am 100% that its a FN because its on the action and barrel. I am 90% sure that 30-06 would have to be the large ring Mauser. The the bore in the barrel is in rough shape so I think that's going to need to be replaced too. I kinda hate to redo a classic rifle but its pretty much a must do thing. So any suggestions for a barrel maker that wont poke me in the eye for a heavyish barrel would be greatly appreciated. oh back to the stock thing so am I going to be able to find a proper fitting synthetic stock for this rifle or am I stuck with a wood stock?

August 14, 2009, 07:24 AM
[I am 90% sure that 30-06 would have to be the large ring Mauser.]

If you'd like to ratchet that up to, oh say "100% sure", then you can do it with a simple glance at the left side of the action.

If the front receiver ring is even with the left receiver sidewall, it's a Small Ring Mauser - and Yes Virginia, there has been many a .30-06 made on a Small Ring Mauser 98 (cock-on opening) action - which is different than a Small Ring Mauser 93/94/95/96/etc (They cock-on-closing).

If the front ring has a step down to the left receiver wall, IOW it's larger, then it's a Large Ring Mauser.

JMO, but a FI imported FN (generally from the 1970's) , although admittedly a nice & superior rifle, is far from a "classic", and I would think you could most easily get an inexpensive barrel for it from Brownell's or Midway, as long as you pick a chambering that uses the same .30-06 size boltface/case head (no belted mags or .223's, etc).
The existing barrel could also be interestingly rebored/rifled to .35 Whelan, needing no other mods.