View Full Version : Kahr MK9 For Close Quarters Combat Type Matches?

August 9, 2009, 02:20 PM
I recently came into a like new MK9. I've only shot a few mags through it so far, but am thinking about shooting it in our next local Close Quarters Combat match. I'm serious enough to have ordered more factory mags for the little pocket rocket. 9mm is the minimum that can be used and it will probably be the smallest/lightest handgun in the match. One of the classifications/categories of the match is "concealed carry" and I plan to pocket carry the MK9 and extra mags.

OK, to my questions. Has anyone done something similar? Will cheap ol' Winchester 115 gr. 9mm from that short barrel take down the regular mix of steel plates and pepper poppers? I know that full size service type 9mm take them down OK, but also know there must be a fairly substantial loss of velocity with the shorter barrel. So far, I've only shot it at 10 yards so don't know if I can even hit a silhouette target when set out there at 25/30 yards. Does anyone do THAT (25/30 yards) with an MK9?