View Full Version : SAFS Rifle and M16A2 EIC match

Citizen Carrier
August 3, 2009, 09:54 AM
Had a good time and missed "cleaning" my first target by two points in prone slow fire. Shot a 98-4X in that stage.

The top 10% competitors who do not have leg points towards Distinguished Shooter receive 4 EIC points in this match. I came in at 140th place out of 581 shooters, putting me at the 24% mark.

Still, some pretty good shooting for a stock M16A2.

Learned some useful things. Biggest thing was the "high grip" on the M16A2. The pistol grip has a small nub that seperates your middle finger from your ring and pinky fingers. The instructor suggested we choke up so that our middle and ring fingers were above that nub and to use our entire trigger finger on the trigger.

So instead of using the first pad or knuckle on your trigger finger, you are using the big knuckle or thicker part of the finger right on the trigger. It made the 8 lb stock trigger seem a lot lighter because you are using more finger muscle. And it just felt easier to initiate trigger squeeze, keep it constant, keep it smooth, all the way through.

It is how I'm going to fire AR15s from here on out. The 98-4X was definitly due to this better way of controlling the trigger.