View Full Version : Lee Factory Sales Gets An A+

Brian Pfleuger
July 28, 2009, 06:35 PM
I ordered the whole "kit and kaboodle", as it were, from Lee Factory Sales.

My order was placed on roughly June 4th, and the website said 3-4 weeks MINIMUM. I assumed that was optimistic, given the current state of affairs. I called about a week ago (July 21st) to check the status and was greeted by a very friendly lady who was full of apologies for the delay, saying that Lee had said that this is normally their slow time of year and they expected to be getting caught up soon.

(Secondary story, she told me that Lee had doubled the capacity of their factory in September and is running extra shifts and has not been even close to keeping up.):eek::eek:

Anywhoo, my package arrived today, sooner than the lady had "guessed" (she had said probably 2 more weeks). All ordered parts are present and accounted for and the packaging is excellent.

Some people might be upset at the time frame of the delivery. As for me, given the current situation in all things firearm related, I was just happy to be able to get a hold of a company that:
A)Has a live person
B)Is friendly
C)Gives a damn
D)Explains things honestly
E)Makes reasonable promises
F)Keeps them

I should also mention that Lee Factory Sales had the lowest prices on virtually everything I ordered, except the $5-$10 items which still made the entire thing cheaper than every body else.

Check 'em out if you need reloading supplies: