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July 27, 2009, 07:32 PM
August 16th 3Gun Match Info

All Participants MUST SIGN-IN at the website, we are only guarantying a spot if you Pre-Register. We are limited the Monthly Matches to 72 Shooters on Sunday. Registration will be open until 10:00pm Saturday Night. If your schedule changes after you sign-in and can’t make it, contact us as soon as possible, so someone else can have an opportunity.

3Gun Match

This Month you’ll have to navigate a Corridor of Steel. There will be Tunnels, Gutters, and a downed Helo. You’ll even have a couple of chances to be a Hero. Maybe work on those different shooting positions. Always be careful what’s around the next corner, be it daylight or dark. Bring your dark shooting gear; you’ll have to help Security from within our Dark Warehouse. Once you enter the facility you will need a light mounted on your rifle or pistol to determine Who’s Who - a hand held will be available for those using a handgun if you don’t have one.
starts after 8:00 am
RO walk through at 9:00 am
Shooter’s meeting at 9:45 am
Shooting begins at 10:00 am
Most stages you will select which and how to use your guns
Our philosophy is to establish a problem solving scenario
These are your tools – You solve the problem
We have 6 Multi-Gun Stages this Month
The total round count for the match is a Minimum of 142 rounds – if you don’t miss
Here are the individual maximum targets available for each gun
Rifle – 96 rounds
Pistol – 127 rounds
Shotgun Birdshot – 46 rounds
This may increase slightly once things are set up on Saturday
So bring extra ammo just in case – a really good idea
I’ll be throwing things in this year to simulate real problems
Challenging your ability to overcome them
Our 3Gun CHAMPIONSHIP this Year – SEPTEMBER 20th
Check out the website for application info – Register Early before August 1st – Save Money
Take a look at our FAQ’s, Pictures and Videos
If you want to help Set-Up, RO and Shoot the Match, Let me know
Thank You
www.mi3gun.com (http://www.mi3gun.com)