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July 23, 2009, 10:44 PM
I was a little south on 75 today, not really close to target world, but closer than I am when at home, so I decided to check out this place I had heard such good reviews about before.

I was terribly unimpressed, but maybe it was a case of inflated expectations. The staff was better than average. Prices were attrocious. THey had a SS Ruger Red labe (http://gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=134956161)l for $1433. In the auction I linked to it was $800 and there are no bids. No wonder it was still on the shelf after years out of production. An older man behind the counter did let me look at an Uberti 357 when I asked if they had any 357 lever guns. I was really looking for lower end guns such as marlin or rossi which they did not have and he did not seem to interested in helping me once I expressed this fact.

The "softgoods," I will include holsters, were a total mess. Hard to find anything.

Safes were safes.

The indoor range looked like a zoo. Only supervision was a guy outside the range faced away from it. Maybe he had a monitor behind his desk. He didn't seem too interested in anything.

THey did have a pretty good slection of inventory for all the above categories, although I did not see any Kahr pistols or Ruger revolvers. THey had an abnormally high number of large safes IMO. Maybe a good place to check out safes.

July 24, 2009, 01:41 AM
The Range for sure is the lure for customers imo above anything else. They will let you test fire a possible purchase there if they have a range gun of the same model. Which is nice but..They seem to not really pay attention to those counter ones they let people look at. I actually had to look at 4 different SA revolvers to find one that was not dry fired to death and back. Kinda takes the "new" out of a new gun hoping the firing pin is intact lol.

Normally there is a wait time to get into the range which I like to take advantage of if I do not bring someone with me to find a "range buddy" to watch out for each other.

I think the mix is half and half there normally on experienced owners and non experienced ones shooting down range. They did actually eject someone next to me over the com for cross lane shooting into my lane at my target when he shot his own guide cable off. I think I actually still have the target he shot and you can see the direction was not straight on I was happy to see him booted immediately so they must be watching on closed circuit.

I personally like a little more between me and the next guy as far as the stantions go there, a few times I had brass from the left come over. I also like a lower half to the rest/bench area not just a flimsy 1x6 with a v on it.

I found their prices on small caliber rifles to be ok and on average. Though I am not ever in the market for higher end so I don not pay much attention to those.

They could be a little better in how the background check process goes also... maybe designating one or two guys who are a little faster to do paperwork, but all in all it was not bad about 20 minutes on a light customer day.

All in all a decent place but maybe because it is the only place like it in the area.

Coyote Hitman
August 2, 2009, 08:20 PM
Their prices are higher then heck, but that means they always have a good selection. Their range is filthy and their air handling equipment is subpar--it is unsafe to shoot there because you are being exposed to extremely high levels of lead.