View Full Version : 1st Look: Blackhawk BK440 Rifle Bandoleer

July 20, 2009, 06:08 PM
I've been in the market for a companion for my bug out bag (BOB) and thought I'd give this product a try. But before I go further and give my 1st impressions let me share my requirements. This is a companion for my bug out bag should I have to abandon my home in a Katrina type situation. No zombie hoards roaming the neighborhood but the possibility of encountering the odd handful here and there while leaving a disaster area. In other words a way to carry spare ammo if I have a rifle with me without kitting out like Rambo. Something handier than stuffing loose magazines in my pack, but more low key than a combat harness. To that end I ordered a Blackhawk BK440 Rifle Bandoleer with a street price under $35.

Photo courtesy Blackhawk

As you can see from the photo it has 2 rifle mag pouches each capable of holding 2x 30rd AR magazines or 2x Mini-14 mags - for a total of 120rds in 4 rifle magazines. It also has pouches for 2 double stack pistol magazines. Those along with another 30rds in the rifle and a full mag in a pistol should be plenty for the purpose of persuading zombies to look for less well prepared victims.

Quality is typical Blackhawk which tends to be premium quality. The bandoleer is small enough to fit in the top of a BOB or pack or behind the seat without drawing a ton of attention and can be slipped on in second. If one has more time there are also belt loops that can be employed to keep it in place better. Bottom line if you're looking for urban commando gear this isn't for you. But if you're looking for a BOB companion this may just fit your requirements. I give it five stars for the intended purpose.

From Blackhawk:

Shoulder (cross-torso) carried bandoleer
Two M4/M16 adjustable flap mag pouches with silencing dividers in center
Adjustable flap pistol mag pouches on either side
Padded back panel for comfort
Back of panel has two belt keepers that secures around a belt by snap fasteners
Quick release buckle for rapid removal