View Full Version : Ruger's M77 Hawkeye International

July 13, 2009, 10:22 PM
Anyone own this?


I was looking at the 30-06, and I think this would be a nice rifle to carry around and shoot with irons. It's powerful enough to take any NA game, and I really like the Euro look. Am I alone in this desire lol?

Both my brother, and father think it's ugly. As for functionality and performance, that's what I was hopin to get from a few of you.

July 13, 2009, 11:24 PM
I have a 308 Winchester Ruger M77 MkII. I chose the 308 over the 30-06 because it makes for a shorter rifle. And with the short barrel you wouldn't be losing much muzzle velocity, if any, compared to the 30-06 in this rifle. For my Ruger anyhow, the trigger was actually ok, nice and crisp and not too heavy of a pull. No need to send it out for adjustment like for some of my other rifles.

Nice balance and feel, light and short. A favourite firearm in my collection. :cool:


July 14, 2009, 08:33 AM
I also own a 77 MKII RSI in .308. Very sweet rifle. In my opinion the muzzle velocity of the .308 would likely match the '06 in such a short barrel(18.5"). Don't get me wrong, the '06 is as good a caliber as there is for many uses, simply might not be as effective out of that short barrel. I own several other Mannlicher stocked rifles and the quality of my RSI is at least on a par with the two CZ 550 FS rifles I own. The '06 would likely do a bit better out of the 550 FS 20.5" barrel. It might be worth your time to look at the 550 FS as well. It also comes with an excellent set of iron sights. If you end up scoping either rifle, their integral rings/bases are as good as it gets. I recommend Warne rings for the CZ.