View Full Version : thumbs up dindygirl63

July 12, 2009, 03:08 PM
I'm sure some of you remember a dindygirl63 posting about a S&W K-22 second model of 1940. Well I just got the got from her and her husband. I drove out to meet them Sat 7/11 and they were very friendly. They told me what they knew about the gun, allowed me to take off the grips to check the SN and also allowed me to shoot it some. They threw in a vintage leather bianchi S&W K frame holster for free. I couldn't be anymore pleased with Ginny and Jeff and I would buy from them again. Regarding returns for shipped items: they felt they should not be held accountable if there's something wrong that they did not know about cause after all, they do not do this for a living. Caveat emptor as we all know. Very trustworthy and friendly people. (pics will be posted of this rare find)