View Full Version : Just Completed my LTC class

July 11, 2009, 05:40 PM
As I said in the title i just completed my LTC class at the Smith and Wesson shooting academy and the class was great, the teacher Mr. Lawlor was great. The man Def. knew his stuff, The only down side to the class was it made me hate MA more than I already do. Also found out that MA is a state with the castle doctrine and that it also doesn't cover property and a bunch of other lil' laws that really are in place to screw over law abiting citizens. But S&W really tried and did a good job to cover almost everything. They really drove home J.A.M. And I would def. recommend the classes they offer to anyone in MA. So my own dislike for the class was that they made you shoot with a .22, but I understand why they do it(good for people who are knew to shooting). And now I will apply for my CC and also take the Handgun Technique class they offer.

All in All I would give the classe and A overall