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July 10, 2009, 12:15 PM
Do any of you incorporate unorthodox shooting positions into your training?? If so, what exercises and how often?? I am looking for new unorthodox shooting exercises to shake up my training a little.

July 10, 2009, 01:00 PM
I do practice some of them, but not at any great length. A mag or half a mag per is usually enough.

The only ninja positions I practice are lying flat on my back and shooting either left or right handed (both pistol and rifle). This is supposed to simulate shooting under a vehicle. I also practice shooting supine, but not all that much. I could see a use for that position if you're shooting from prone and get surprised from a flank or the rear. (I'm military, BTW, not a tinfoil hat manufacturer)

I also practice tucking in and out of cover from standing, kneeling, and prone. One could argue that this isn't terribly unorthodox, but I think it is something that you need to practice. Just standing there squared off with your cardboard bad guy may build bad habits. While there are times you need to stand your ground and blast away, there are also a lot of times when you should seek cover and use it to your advantage. I use big trees, fallen logs, or the engine compartment of my truck (car doors are not cover. concrete is cover.) as cover and practice shooting out the left and right sides. I also practice raising up from a supine position and shooting over top of a log. I get no more than 5 seconds and 3 shots to ring a 4" spinner at 25 yards with my AR .22LR conversion.

Pretty much no matter what kind of cover I use, I try to limit my exposure time to 5 seconds and I get no more than 3 shots. With the 1911 .22 conversion, the spinner is at 15 yards--sometimes 25. With the rifle, the spinner goes to 25 yards. I also occasionally hang up 3 or 4 targets at different heights (kneeling, standing, prone, for example). With multiple targets I get 5 seconds to hit as many as I can as many times as I can. I try for two shots into all targets.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it does me good to shoot from odd positions. I think it helps you figure out your tactical environment.

July 10, 2009, 02:04 PM
Shooting behind me, as in as I'm retreating at an angle. I've always thought that was very important as I'm not going to be standing square footed swapping rounds with the other guy. I have my own range so I get to do fire with movement. I would much rather be moving away, but still be able to make effective hits.

I've never practiced prone with a pistol. It looks fairly easy. Maybe I should try it just for familiarization.

One handed, both right and left hands. Kneeling on occasions. No sitting.

Don't laugh, because I know this is going to sound really stupid and mall ninja-ish, but I have practiced aligning my sights and shooting out of the side rear-view mirror (firing behind the vehicle) while sitting in the drivers seat. Never done it while moving obviously, and I know that I would never use that, but I tried it. It's not really that hard, and fun ;). I only do stuff like that when I have money to blow on "fun" rounds. That's not been the case lately. What ammo I get is used to maintain SD skills and nothing else.

Anyway, that was goofing off. I've already mentioned what I've practiced for prep in SD. Nothing too fancy there, just basics I guess.