View Full Version : Bad dealings with Starvingboy

July 7, 2009, 08:29 PM
A deal was made with Starvingboy wherein I would provide 500 cases of once fired 40 brass in trade for an opened one pound jar of Unique. Supposedly there were only 50 loads for 40 cal used from the bottle. We had the deal and the date set for the trade. The day before the trade date Starvingboy sent PM saying someone locally had bought it out from under me. The buyer supposedly told Starvingboy that Unique wasn't made any more. I sent PM to Starvingboy advising that the behavior was rude and not in concert with the ethics and protocal of the forum.
Further, when reading posts by Starvingboy, it doesn't seem that he is too knowledgable about reloading at all.

Starvingboy did send an apology after I sent him a PM expressing my views , and hopefully such an incident won't be repeated.