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July 6, 2009, 04:20 AM
I'm looking at fullsize gun safes (such as the Browning) and the fire resistance ratings on them. Has anybody here experienced a home fire which burned directly in the area of the gun safe and if so what was the result and the safe?

July 6, 2009, 08:17 AM
No commonly-affordable large safe is entirely fireproof, much less any gun safe, but they can be made fire-resistant - for a certain length of time/temperature.

Most quality gun safes (NOT steel gun cabinets) are UL-rated for 1200-degrees for about 30 mins +/-, which is usually enough for gun protection.
Additional internal insulation boards can be added for those so minded.

If your house burns down, believe me, you'll have a lot more things to be concerned about, than some guns.

Most of the $$$$ paid for in a "name" brand gunsafes are in the wall/door & locking bolt thickness, number of locking bolts, door hinge construction, and lock quality.

Many different safes are actually built by the same company to different specs & brand stamped - just like Savage/Steven made rifles for Sears.

I would look at an UL fire-rated safe by a decent maker like Cannon/whatever, with enough capacity for 2x what I thought I might need, and heavy enough (empty) to deter carry-away - then look to a discount online dealer ( I used Sam's Club), for the best price.

I bought a 600lb, 22-gun, Cannon/Winchester safe for $700, which (with careful insertion) holds 30 long guns, 25 handguns, several scopes, plus jewelery, bullion and important family papers (deeds/insurance/birth cert/passports/etc).

I try not to secure dead airspace in my gunsafe, so it gets packed. ;)


July 6, 2009, 11:06 AM
Most quality gun safes (NOT steel gun cabinets) are UL-rated for 1200-degrees for about 30 mins +/-, which is usually enough for gun protection.

What this poster has said is a result of a few tricks that these safe manufacturers engage in.

There is currently no brand name gun safe on the market today which carries a UL fire rating. I offer a high security gun safe that does carry a 2 hour UL rating, and it's the only gun safe that I'm aware of that does have a UL tag.

These manufacturers like to get a fire label that looks similar to their UL RSC label. They stick them next to one another, and then people assume that the fire rating is a UL rating.

Most gun safes use gypsum board for insulation. Although it offers some protection, gypsum was never engineered as an insulator. There is no UL rated safe to my knowledge that uses gypsum board as its primary insulation. Gypsum board lined gun safes tend to do poorly in severe fires.

The closest thing you're going to get to a real UL fire rated gun safe package is going to be the AMSEC BF series or the Graffunder.

July 15, 2009, 11:40 AM
Try Stack-on they make a great heavy duty safe and their prices are not bad a lot of online stores sell the or your local gun store. They are fire proof somewhat and you need a combanation to open them i believe they come with both key and number locks in the form for rifles. I have a fourteen gun one it hold about 16 of my rifles i have some ammo stored on the top but i use something else to store my other ammo but when the funds come in i will be getting one for my ammo. These safe are built to stand a atom bomb I think so look into one. You won't be disapointed.:cool:

July 16, 2009, 01:40 AM
I've been looking into "gun safes". I liked the Stack-On until I read some posts here and called the company to ask about their construction. Their bodies are made from 14 gauge steel which is pretty thin. That's good for keeping children out but not a thief. The thicker the steel, the longer it will take someone to get into it.
Check out some of the posts by a1abdj. He's in the safe business and knows his stuff.

July 16, 2009, 05:00 PM
I just recently added another safe to the mix. The AMSEC 5924 TF was on sale for 650-ish at a local gunstore. 30 minute rating. There is a fire station literally across the street from the safe so that oughtta do .
The safe store wanted over 1200 for it.
I am quite impressed with the quality of the AMSEC. I was drooling on the BF series at the safe place, but they are BIG money. I had a big Fort Knox
that went through a fire, as the Petah w said, guns come out poorly after a fire, even in a safe. I now have a Cannon and the AMSEC and will look at AMSEC again when its time for another.