View Full Version : Customer Service,SA and Leu scopes

July 4, 2009, 11:47 AM
Brother just put an AR together and I offered him an old 8x Leupold to shoot it with.He got some off brand rings and the reticle broke as he tightened them.

So,I had another scope on the shelf,a Springfield Armory 4.5 to 14 X with a .5.56 reticle.I took it off because it had a bit of wobble to the eyepiece.Probably from riding with other rifles on washboard roads.

He contacted Leupold and Springfield Armory.Both companies said "Send them to us",both companies repaired,no charge.Both companies gave less than 2 week turnaround.

I thank Springfield Armory and Leupold for standing behind their product and their customer years after the money was spent.

Not only will they get more of my business,I will tell other shooters they treated us great.