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Ricky B
July 2, 2009, 10:35 PM
I know from reading the posts here that a lot of TFL members have a bug-out bag, which includes a firearm (or two or three). The purpose of a bug-out bag, I take it, is to allow you to flee to safety on a moment's notice when you see the world as you know it is about to come to an end.

If so, how do you store the bug-out bag so that it is secure from theft but readily available?

July 2, 2009, 10:49 PM
I keep my bag in the top of the closet, loaded with everything except my pistol. In the bottom of my safe I keep a small bag loaded with a pistol, surefire light, 25 rds. of ammo, a knife, and spare batteries. The bag fits in the very top of my BOB. The purpose of it is to have a back-up to my rifle and primary pistol. My theory is that I have to open the safe in order to get my rifle and pistol so I can keep all my guns safely locked up but still ready at any time I need them. I keep my bag ready not so much for when the world is comming to an end (I dont think any bag would help that) but in the likely event of another Hurricane and its aftermath. I know from experinces learned from Katrina, that being able to take care of yourself for the better part of a week is essential.

July 3, 2009, 02:37 AM
mine is in the closet by the front door. i dont keep firearms in it. i believe that in any plausible emergency i will have time to get my wallet keys and a pistol w/ammo and then on my way out grab the BOB. i cant think of a scenario where i wont have 4-5 minutes to get out. that's enough time for grabbing everything.

July 3, 2009, 02:44 AM
The purpose of a bug-out bag, I take it, is to allow you to flee to safety on a moment's notice when you see the world as you know it is about to come to an end.If the world as we know is about to come to an end, no amount of firepower will help you! Just sit back in your rocker on the front porch with a beer and sit back and enjoy the show. It will all be over very soon.


July 3, 2009, 09:11 AM
I don't have a B.O.B per se but I do keep a pretty good survival kit in my truck. It does not contain a firearm or ammo. I figure that I'm much more likely to need a survival kit than a true B.O.B. and I'm normally driving my truck on adventures where survival might become an issue. For hikes away from the truck, I carry a smaller survival kit. My CCW or hunting weapon will have to suffice for those times.

I do keep several guns and ammo handy and ready to go at a moment's notice at home. One is a Garand with a bandolier of ammo, there's an AR with three 20 rnd. mags and I keep an 870 riot gun with 10 rnds available.

I don't live in the urban jungle anymore and my farm is the exact type of place I would be trying to get to if the SHTF. In case of NBC attack, meteor or pandemic, we're all pretty screwed anyway.

July 7, 2009, 08:51 PM
Don't have one. There's no place within walking distance that would be better than staying put.

July 7, 2009, 09:13 PM
I don't have a "bug-out bag", but my husband and I do have an "earthquake kit". It is the core/critical part of our camping gear, which lives in the back part of our SUV. It contains at least three gallons of potable water (more in summer), dehydrated food supplies for two weeks, small backpacking stove with fuel, camping pots/dishes/silverware kit, sanitary kit (soap, alcohol sanitizer, sponge, towels), a well-stocked first aid kit with a month's supply of any medicines either of us takes regularly, sleeping bags, a silver tarp (radiant heat barrier and signaling device), a tool kit, a trowel, a folding shovel, swiss army knife and larger hunting knife, a skein of rope, a ball of strong string, couple of other things.

The guns themselves, and spare magazines or speed loaders, are on us when we leave the house, so aren't in the kit itself. We need to put together a bag with ammunition and cleaning supplies that can be grabbed on the way out the door or left in the SUV.

The purpose of our emergency supplies isn't to have something in case civilization as a whole collapses, by the way; I figure that's both extremely unlikely and largely unsurvivable. But I lived in California for over 20 years until recently. I've lived through the Loma Prieta earthquake (7.1) that took down the San Francisco/Oakland Bay bridge and pieces of freeways, and have never forgotten how that was and how much worse it could have been. :rolleyes:

In other parts of the country, maybe your emergency kit will be your "tornado kit" or your "hurricane kit" or something else. But IMHO *everyone* should have emergency supplies and be able to take care of themselves for a week or two with no help from any government agency whatsoever. You get extra points if you can take care of a few of your neighbors too.

July 7, 2009, 09:45 PM
This really isn't a firearms topic. Mind you, it's a good topic, & worth discussing -- but not here. (Several good posts above, btw.)

See http://www.thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=225383 for more.

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