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June 25, 2009, 12:34 PM
Hello! This is my first post on this forum!

I have what i believe is a unique question...

I have carefully chosen approximately 50 of my friends who i believe have interest in learning how to use close quarter firearms. And set aside the date of Sunday July 12th for a possible trip to a range, or a school, or even someone's private property, to learn how to operate a firearm. It would need to be within a two or three hour drive from New York City.

They are a diverse group ranging from somewhat experienced to individuals who have never seen a gun out of a holster.

So far 10 have confirmed with 14 abstaining.

It seems that most of the ranges in the NY / NJ / PA / CT area are either private or are one of these places that people who don't necessarily have any interest in learning anything, go to shoot a firearm downrange and maybe aim.

I would love to find a place where they can get acclimated to using a firearm. learn to operate efficiently, and learn the importance of grip & stance, retention, indexing, mindset, etc. A sort of crash course if you will, with the intention of igniting a spark in their minds, showing some value, and teaching the virtues, of keeping arms.

Any suggestions or offers are very welcome. I'm also open to any private individual who sees the value in this, who can teach these guys. Keep in mind however, I'm the only gun owner in the group. They don't have any.

Your time, and thoughts are well appreciated.

In Liberty,
Mike Machlin

Lee Lapin
June 25, 2009, 08:15 PM


Welcome aboard!

The link above will take you to the largest network of firearms trainers in the USA. There's a locator tool at the site to help you find out if any are teaching near you, as well as a list of available classes and class descriptions.

Taking on the training/range outing of a large group of neophyte shooters is not something to be taken lightly. No matter how good an instructor/trainer you are, with multiple new shooters on the range, you will need adequate, capable supervision to make sure no one does unsafe things. I've been there... and I prefer one on one with a new shooter.



June 25, 2009, 08:41 PM

That is an amazing link, thank you kindly. I will investigate starting tomorrow morning.

For the record I never intended to train them myself. By no means am I even remotely qualified for such a task. I am a beginner myself.

I have built a healthy network of great people, and i care for them. I won't allow them to be victims if i can help it.

They should have the proper, sober, and informative introduction to the firearms community that I was so blessed to have.

In Liberty,

June 25, 2009, 08:57 PM
NYC is out of the question for handgun training unless everyone who will handle the firearm is licensed. The best bet would be PA. Lots of places that will let you rent and give instruction for a price. Goals should be realistic for people who never handled a firearm. Safety is the key.
Good Luck

Bud Helms
June 25, 2009, 09:20 PM
While you are at that link, look for an NRA-sponsored class within driving distance. For some of them that have never held a handgun before, even an academics-only class of some sort would be educational.

June 26, 2009, 12:17 AM
I've never used this group, but they look like it might be right up your alley...especially if you are going to have 50 people.


matthew temkin
June 26, 2009, 06:45 AM
I can arrange such a session in Long Island, but only for long guns and BB/Airsoft handguns, all of which I can supply.
PM sent.