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June 25, 2009, 02:51 AM
Hi guys,

I handed over the hard earned on the weekend and ordered myself a 527 classic in .22 Hornet, should be here any day now... I've never owned a new rifle before and was after info about what the inititial care and cleaning processes were, and more specifically to CZ, if there is anything I should be doing during the initial setup while I have the chance.

I plan to check the bedding and float as well as polish the bolt a little, what else should I do? Anything to the trigger?

What processes/products should be used in regards to cleaning before the initial shoot and during the first few hundred rounds? Is it mainly the bore I need to concentrate on or does the rest of the action/chamber/barrel also need attention?

Thanks in advance.


June 25, 2009, 07:09 AM
I bought two different CZ-527's, the first a .223 FS that I had ordered sight unseen, then ditched after I got it & saw a stock that looked like peanut butter, a very rough action, and dismal accuracy.

The second was a Lux Hornet, I happened on in a gunshop, that look pretty good - and shoots as good as it looks.

I didn't do anything that I don't do for any other new or new-to-me gun - inspect it, clean it, de-burr if/as necessary, and shoot it.

I'm glad I didn't order the expensive CZ rings from either of the dealers, where I bought the 527's, though.
I ordered a set of Burris rings for the 527 from www.swfa.com at half the $$$$, and they worked out perfectly.

I like the Hornet so much, I had a local guy modify my magazine & bottom metal, to get rid of the TG webs.

This is a pic of what his work results in (although not of my Lux):



June 25, 2009, 07:45 AM
I like my LUX in 223 quite a little bit. The action was tight at first, so I cycled it several times, and put a little JB Bore paste on the lugs. It worked to smooth it out some.

I put a thin smear of grease on the bolt lugs and body when I assemble it, as it seems to work better that way.

I have had good luck using Mpro7 firearms cleaner on mine. I recommend a bore guide from Midway USA, with the solvent port.

Mounting a scope gives some folks fits. The rifle isn't as well designed for scopes as it could be. Some folks find the high scope rings necessary to clear the bolt handle. Instead of having a rifle with a "chin weld" as opposed to a "cheek weld," I opted to have the bolt handle clearanced by Hickman Rifles (http://www.hickmanrifles.com). So I use "medium" height rings, which makes the ergos much better, IMO. It was really inexpensive, and it came back reblued to match the finish of the rifle pretty closely.

Lastly, mine is an older model with the curved trigger shoe. I never did like that trigger all that much, so I replaced it with a straight trigger shoe. I like it much better. 'Course the set trigger is a nice feature anyways.

Hope you enjoy yours!

June 27, 2009, 01:11 AM
What scope and height rings are you using on there Petah?

Is the Mpro7 just an initial cleaner or something you use longterm stubbicatt? I was wondering if there was a specific cleaner/solvent that was necessary to use on a new barrel to clean out factory or manufacturing muck?

Thanks for the tips.

June 27, 2009, 03:25 AM
The pic isn't my rifle, MAWLER, it's a pic of the work done by the conversion smith I used.


I mounted a 2-7x28 Leupy in Burris rings on mine, as posted above, from swfa.


June 27, 2009, 07:45 AM

When I spoke with the guy at CZ-USA in the parts department, dude explained that the rifles are hand lapped at the factory, no barrel break in is required. I did not find any gunk or anything in my rifles, they are all clean.

I have found Mpro7 to be a pleasant product to use, no unpleasant fumes. It does nothing to remove copper fouling, but then I've not had that issue in the rifles I have.

I'm a real "fan boy" of the CZ rifles. Other than the centerfire rifle magazines, all of which seem to require a little de-horning, or some minor adjustments, I've never had an issue with the CZ rifles.

Fact... I'm thinking about a nice little FS in 22 Hornet soon.