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June 25, 2009, 12:13 AM
I bought a Norinco type 59 (Mak clone) years ago, and it gathered dust in the safe for a long time after a few trips to the range. After I started making silencers (on ATF form 1's) I thought it might be a good mount for a suppressor. The only threaded barrel I could get was in 9mm Makarov. I had to turn down the rim of the brass to make it fit the pistol, but it worked fine. My suppressor plans were dropped after I read that blowback pistols the size of 380 and higher were poor choices for suppression due to ejection port noise.

After a while I reconsidered my options and decided that I could make up two loads. A lighter load that would not operate the slide and a standard load that would operate the slide with the 21 pound spring installed; both subsonic. All that was needed was an adaptor to go between the barrel’s ½-32 threads and the silencers ½-28 threads.


As you can see the 9mm can is too wide and covers the sights. Anyone know how I can raise the sights? Maybe weld and build them up higher? I have not seen Makarov sights on the market and the front sight seems to be machined as part of the slide.


June 29, 2009, 04:49 PM
Simple option to consider.

GLOCK plastic sights held on the can by JB Weld. The JB Weld provides a good heat sink to avoid melting the sights as long as the suppressor is not used excessively. You avoid mucking up the Mak and if necessary the sights on the can are easy to replace.

Simply insure your can rotation is tight on the threads and line up the sights with the ones on the slide and stick'em on.

It is a very simple option for sighted fire and NOT something for a permenent long lasting installation but it might get you up and running for the short term untill you are sure you want to make a permanent change. In my case a single can had to work on several weapons so I find this approach worked best for me.