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June 23, 2009, 02:38 PM
Ok everyone so you think that M16 pouches can and should be used for your AR-15 mags. I say if you think that you couldnt be more wrong.

I had talked with Ron a few differnt times and about Alice gear. Im a big fan of the Alice gear over other newer stuff that is out on the market. I get a lot of my gear from Ron so we talk in depth a lot about this stuff.

Take the M16 pouch and look at it a bit and these are the things I have looked at using them for. I would say some if not most of the ideas have came from Ron while buying or trading for gear.

Please every put some imput in on what you think it could be used for Im sure there are things I have not said or have not thought of.

M16 Pouches can be used for-

1-Medical Gear- This was one of the first ideas I had and talked in length with Ron about.

2-Shotgun shells- This is one that Ron gave me and its one that I really didnt think about

3-Food items that would be quick fuel for the body when out on the trail and on the move. If you can stop and drop your pack to get something to eat fast this works out great.

5-Radio, GPS or weather Band Radio- This came from Ron and again one that I didnt think of at all.

6-Extra ammo left lose or stack the boxes.

7-AK mags I know 20 rounders will fit no problem you can take and strecth them over a 30 round mag and they should stretch out to fit. I would do this after washing the pouches.

8-Map and compus pouches.

9-Wether gear- Think about ponchos and things to start fires with and para cord easy to grab and make a quick shelter.

10-Empty Pouches- This would be great to use as a mag dump after the mag is used.

The usuage of the Alice gear and pouches are endless they can be used for what ever the mind can think of.

I like the Alice gear the most of any USGI product out there and really it is the most versatile of them. I think the tac vest are nice looking but not something I want to hump out into the wild with as I think Im more limitied.

I do invite you talk about new gear vs the Alice gear as something that is new on the market could and maybe work with the Alice gear.

Thanks everyone for reading and leaving your feed back.

B. Lahey
June 23, 2009, 02:48 PM
I just use AK mag pouches. 30 round AR mags fit great, with a little extra room so they are easy to remove.

I just use them as an easy way to haul a bunch of magazines to the range seperate from my rangebag (too dang heavy otherwise), never thought of stuffing them with candy bars and ponchos, but considering the weather I shoot in sometimes the candy and foul-weather gear could come in pretty handy.:D

June 23, 2009, 05:07 PM
Yeah so many ways to use the M16 pouches and I posted on another board about this and a lot of ex-Military guys are giving me info on how they used them. Some neat ways for sure.