View Full Version : Spotter Help

June 23, 2009, 01:35 AM
Hey i was just wondering.. i came acrost some 12x binoculars and
was looking to get a spot scope but figured why spend the extra $300
on a spot scope when i have 12x 100yrds.-100m binoculars which will do just fine and are actually pretty high powered nocs i picked up a while back for next to nothing..

So my questions was im too shaky when trying to focus on something
even when resting on something or in a steady position.. So
i was wondering if there is a binocular stand out there
to make it steady and make it into a spot scope and save me some
green in the end or do i have to go ahead and make a custome
stand and just hook one up my self. Im not ganna need pro equipment
just something my buddy can look through to spot me and keep
an eye on my bullets travel.