View Full Version : NFA Form 5 transfer - heirs

June 22, 2009, 01:35 PM
My brother passed owning "several" titleII arms.
He had no will.

I am curious what paperwork is required to transfer these to his "heirs" tax-free...that is, what proof is required regarding heirship?

Do you have to attach the probate court's Letters of Administration?

Does the Executor (in this case his wife) have to transfer it acting as "the Estate of Firstname Lastname" of my brother?

What if she simply wishes to sell them (form 4)...

Do you just surrender them to a Class 3 dealer and let him sell it (or, in my case, if I purchase it from her, then who is the transferee - the estate, or the class 3 dealer?)

Thank you.

FYI - one of the items is an HK G3, unfired. Don't know which version yet, but I am also certain he has 10's of clips/accessories for it. Let me know if you have mild interest.