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June 18, 2009, 02:18 PM
I have a volunteer arms single shot 12 gauge passed down to me that used to belong to my great grandfather. About the only thing I know about it is it was at one time struck by lightning. It does not fire but I am curious to know the origin and age of it. I would like to restore it back to its original glory as well so if anyone knows where parts could be found for this would be appreciated. It is in rough shape. The serial number on gun begins with 236###.

Bill DeShivs
June 18, 2009, 05:26 PM
Volunteer Arms was located in Knoxville, TN in the 1970s. Many of their guns were made by the Spanish compamy, Zabala.

June 18, 2009, 11:34 PM
However I believe your Volunteer Arms shotgun was made by Crescent Firearm Co. The name Volunteer was a trade or brand name Used by H&D Folsom { Wholesaler of sporting goods from the 1890's until the 1930's }. Google Crescent Firearm Co. , you will pull up a wealth of information.

June 19, 2009, 06:50 AM
Ok. Thanks for the info. Another thing I noticed on the barrel is stamped Genuine Armory Steel
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