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June 10, 2009, 08:44 AM
I have a CA89 9mm mp5 clone new production from coharie arms the fit, finish, and welds are better than any clone i have seen. The new ones I guess have major improvments, but mine has a problem. The 30 round curved mag that came with the gun has a wobble moving forward and backward. maybe 3/4 inch wobble. when manually feeding the bullet will hit the edge of the chamber and if i move the mag around a bit it will adventually lock in place and chamber the round. I started thinking about possible soulutions. Do I need a HK curved mag, I did order one by the way still waiting for it to arrive. Is it the mag catch? Could it be the mag well? Do curved magazines wobble front to back that much? It seems as if i could push the magazine forward then i wouldn't have a problem chambering a round. How tight is it supposed to be? there is no play going left and right. Is the mag catch supposed to let it have a little wobble? (the 2 bumps on the back of the curved mag near the bottom of the mag well when inserted) these look different in size and placement one looks longer the other shorter but as i look on the internet i dont find anything related to my problem with loose curved mags in a HK sp89 or 94 clone causing feeding problems. I have asked for some help on another forum but it was short and simple send it back. I will unless i figure out the possible problems i want to know what causes this. Seems to me if the barrel had it's own feed ramp it would be a much more reliable gun. The ammo I have the most problem with is ranger T series JHP but curved mags are supposed to make feeding these more reliable. It still happens with FMJ I just dont have a bunch lying around. It happens when magazine has any amount of ammo. What causes a magazine to wobble?:mad:

June 10, 2009, 11:36 AM
Have you tried emailing or calling the manufacturer with your question? They are typically pretty knowledgeable about any common problems that may occur with their firearms, and should be able to give you good advice, or replace parts if they are bad.


2942 N Greenfield Rd
Unit 133
Mesa, AZ 85215

Phone number: 480-217-1075
Email: C[email protected]

June 10, 2009, 01:56 PM
I have been in contact with Todd Bailey, he is the one who sold the pistol. I have asked him many questions but usually it is a short answer to only one question. He said to mail it back to him at Coharie at the address you posted except that address is special weapons, i guess there all the same. I didn't want to mail it back and pay for shipping, first i asked if he could send me a new mag and if i still had the problem i would send him back the pistol, if it was the mag i would send him back the old mag he just said send the whole pistol and mag to him for warranty repairs with a description of all the problems and he would give it back asap. I'm just wondering what if it was the mag well does that mean the receiver needs to be fixed? Anyway it sucks that you pay 1,550 for a pistol that doesn't feed properly and the lugs are most likely out of spec since my SWR trident 9 3 lug adaptor wont lock on the lugs unless i loosen the adaptor where the piston and spring are. I really must say the new ca89 pistol looks amazing my FFL dealer thought it was all german parts kit on a US receiver. The welds are better than many HK sp89's and HK94's i've seen very impressed and i wish i took pictures before i sent it off just a few hours ago so you could see. Anyway i guess since i sent it off I don't need to look for a fix though i would like to know some possibilities of what was wrong.