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June 8, 2009, 01:46 PM
June 21st 3Gun Match Info

All Participants MUST SIGN-IN at the website, we are only guarantying a spot if you Pre-Register. We are limited the Monthly Matches to 72 Shooters on Sunday. Registration will be open until 10:00pm Saturday Night. If your schedule changes after you sign-in and can’t make it, contact us as soon as possible, so someone else can have an opportunity.

3Gun Match

We are going to try shooting a few slugs this Match. If it were me, I would want to know where they were hitting half way down a football field. We have a couple of blind stages for you this month; make sure your ready to think on your feet. Maybe work on them different shooting positions. Always be careful what’s around the next corner, be it daylight or dark. Bring your dark shooting gear; you’ll have to save our Hostage Family from within the Dark House. They didn’t do so well at the April Match. Once you enter the facility you will need a light mounted on your rifle or pistol to determine Who’s Who - a hand held will be available for those using a handgun if you don’t have one.
starts after 8:00 am
RO walk through at 9:00 am
Shooter’s meeting at 9:45 am
Shooting begins at 10:00 am
Most stages you will select which and how to use your guns
Our philosophy is to establish a problem solving scenario
These are your tools – You solve the problem
We have 6 Multi-Gun Stages this Month
The total round count for the match is a Minimum of 146 rounds – if you don’t miss
Here are the individual maximum targets available for each gun
Rifle – 90 rounds
Pistol – 133 rounds
Shotgun Birdshot – 38 rounds
Shotgun Slugs – 6 rounds Minimum and 12 Maximum
This may increase slightly once things are set up on Saturday
So bring extra ammo just in case – a really good idea
I’ll be throwing things in this year to simulate real problems
Challenging your ability to overcome them
Our 3Gun CHAMPIONSHIP this Year – SEPTEMBER 20th
Check out the website for application info – Register Early before August 1st – Save Money
Take a look at our FAQ’s, Pictures and Videos
If you want to help Set-Up, RO and Shoot the Match, Let me know
Thank You
www.mi3gun.com (http://www.mi3gun.com)