View Full Version : Possible POSITIVE error on my Nikon 4-16x50

June 6, 2009, 07:27 PM
I just eye bore sighted my rifle at approx 25-30 yds to get the crosshairs to match up with my bore at a specific target. Nikons website states this scope has 40 MOA internal adjustment but after going through all the clicks I had after eye sighting I have an additional 44 clicks up elevation to shoot at further targets and an additional 15 clicks down elevation which brings me closer to 60 MOA elevation. I would imagine that is a good thing right or did I possibly do something wrong. I have not tested the windage adjustment to see if it the same. Have companies been known to make errors like this before. I DID buy my scope from a reputable Nikon dealer. This is from Nikons website. If this is a mistake on their part I am very happy. What kind of range can I get with a 7mm rem mag 140g TSX with 43+- MOA

Actual Magnification 4x-16x
Effective Objective Diameter 50mm
Exit Pupil (mm) 12.5-3.1
Eye Relief (in.) 4.0-3.7
FOV at 100 yds (ft.) 25.2-6.3
Tube Diameter 1 in. (25.4mm)
Objective O.D. (mm/in) 57.3/2.26
Eyepiece O.D. (mm/in) 44/1.73
Length (in) 14.7
Weight (oz) 19.4
Adjustment Graduation (1 click) 1/4 MOA
Max Internal Adjustment 40 MOA
Parallax setting (yds) 50 - ∞