View Full Version : Marlin 1894 .41 Magnum?

June 4, 2009, 07:28 PM
I grabbed up a Marlin 1894S .41 Magnum the other day and I love it. I was telling a buddy I work with about it and he now, desparatley wants me to trade him my 1894S .41 for his 1894FG .41. My questions stem from some research I have done about it. Whenever I do an internet search for Marlin 1894 .41, more often than not results pop up for the 1894FG version. Is the 1894S more rare than the 1894FG? I am begining to become a bit suspicious as to why he wants to trade me so bad, because my gun is in between 96-98% with a low round count through it and I gave over $800 for it because of it being a rare cal gun and due to its high quality condition. I don't want to get jipped in the trade. Please give me some advise. Thanks.

Also, the only reason I'm considering the trade is because I like the curved stock rather than the straight stock. But I would prefer to aquire a curved stock and lever than to trade my gun for a lesser quality and valued gun.

Snow Dog
June 4, 2009, 09:08 PM
Your 1894 S is more desirable and harder to find than the pistol gripped version (1894 FG). I have the FG but would certainly prefer the straight grip - it looks so much better to my eye. I don't know the production figures but I believe the S version was made in smaller quantities. However, if your preference is for the FG and your buddy really wants the straight gripped rifle than make a deal. Tell him he'll have to pony up his rifle and a dump truck full of cash and go from there! ;)