View Full Version : Comp-Tac Minotar for G-36 review

June 4, 2009, 12:19 PM
Hi all,
A while back I ordered a Comp-Tac Minotaur IWB holster for my G-36. I have had it for a week now and wanted to let you know how it is doing.

1) I did not have to break it in. It has been comfortable from day one.

2) I ordered it with the standard J-Clips. They work well but I may try the V-Clips. The clips came from the factory mounted in the proper position for me so I did not have to adjust them. I wore it like that for a few days just to make sure, as there were 3 extra holes below the attachment point for adjustment.

I trimmed the extra holes off yesterday as when I was wearing the holster the extra stuck out to the side when I pulled my belt snug. (I have a little bit of a spare tire Ha, Ha!

3) It is very trim and holds the weapon up close and I have no trouble with printing even when wearing a golf type shirt.

Easy to draw the weapon and it is pretty secure. if you hold it upside down and give it a hard shake the weapon can come out. Hopefully I wont have anyone pile driving me before I have the weapon in hand.

Changes I would like to try:
A little more of a dimple in the trigger guard area for retention.

I would also like the leather backing to cover the grip area behind the weapon. the rear of the grip rubs a little when I am sitting down.

All in all a well made an thought out holster and I would have no trouble buying one for another weapon.

Hope the info. is useful.

Carne Frio
June 4, 2009, 08:48 PM
Thanks for the informative review. I have been thinking about getting
one of those for my Glock M29 and also a Colt 1991-A1. Looks like
I'll get off my butt and do it. :D

Sigma 40 Blaster
June 4, 2009, 08:59 PM
I'm about to buy the same holster for the same gun. There's a similar style holster called Crossbreed Super Tuck that has a large leather backing as you describe you'd like. The reason there's no leather behind the grip of the handgun is to allow the wearer to get a full firing grip while the gun is still holstered. I actually modified my two holsters that had a full leather backing to allow a full grip, sacrificing a little comfort for some pretty important functionality for me.

I'm still debating between the Infidel and Minotaur, in Texas is gets VERY hot in the summer, my leather has held up well so far but the all kydex shell of the Infidel looks interesting. I'm a big guy too and prone to sweat a little. :cool:

Either way I'm glad to hear it's worked out for you, I've heard good things about it, hope it serves you well. If I were made of money I'd pick up both a Minotaur and a Infidel.