View Full Version : Need Info for The A.J. Aubrey

June 3, 2009, 05:46 PM
I have come across a meriden fire arms co "The A.J. Aubrey" 12g double barrel shotgun it has two trigers and is hammerless on the barrel between the two it has MFD BY THE MERIDEN FIRE ARMS CO. MERIDEN. CONN. PAT.APPLIED FOR, on the right barrel it has genuine laminated steel, on the left barrel it has choke bored and on the side it has The A.J.Aubrey. It has a few numbers stamped on the gun which I believe is the serial number but it does not match up with any of the serial numbers I have found on http://damascus-barrels.com/Aubrey.html#table0. Is this the serial number or were can I find the serial number on this gun I am trying to track down the year that this gun was made it has T30 6577 on the reciever I have not found it on the barrel . I know they were made between 1905 and 1915. Any help or info would be great.

June 3, 2009, 08:11 PM
A.J. Aubrey was the foreman of the Meriden Firearms Company production floor at the time this shotgun was released, and they were sold through the Sears & Roebuck company. "Laminated steel" is another way of saying "damascus", so this shotgun shouldn't be fired (they would be short-chambered anyway). The "official" serial number for this shotgun should be located on the water-table (visible when you take the barrels off), but the barrels and forearm were also normally numbered to keep the main pieces together as a set, normally on the iron of the forearm and the side of the lug on the barrels.