View Full Version : .22LR adaptor for ar-15s????

sneaky pete
June 1, 2009, 02:34 PM
old Sneaky Pete here: Quite a few years ago I bought an adaptor that allows the use of .22LR to be fired in your AR-15. It replaces the bolt carrier group and has a piece that fits into the .223/5.56mm chamber of the AR-15 allowing a .22LR bullet to be fired. This device works semi-auto and is fed by a "Full Profile" AR-15 20 round magazine with a .22LR device inside that handles the .22LR bulllets. I Can't remember where I bought the thing or who made it BUT it has the number 408 stamped on the rear part and a serial # 1000XX stamped on the side rail of this "Bolt-Carrier/ Chamber" device. Another bit of information is that I also bought several of those "Full-Profile" 20 round style magazines W/the .22LR adaptors inside and the "Floor-Plates" are stamped "Colt AR-15 .223cal" and "Adventure Line Mfg Co. Inc. Parsons KS. Anyone out there have any information on who made it and possibly how much it might be worth??? Old Sneaky has NO use for it an longer and it is collecting dust on a shelf in my closet. Thanx in advance for your help--SNEAKY :)

September 10, 2009, 07:35 PM
Sounds like you have an M261 conversion unit issued by one of our military branches. The "magazines" are pushed down into standard M16/AR 15 mags.

Sarco sold these for years for $125.00, but I believe they are now sold out except for a few mags left over.