View Full Version : Eaa Witness C 9x23 Winchester Conversion

May 31, 2009, 12:06 PM
I recently have become fascinated with the 9x23mm cartridge and have read that tokarevs hav been reamed to accept this caliber. A Yugo M57 stoked with 9+1 of 9x23 aint too shabby. While scouring the net for more info i found that people are running 9x23 through the .38 super Witness, which got me to thinking about the witness compact in 9mm with a .38 top end. Other than a heavier recoil spring what else would i need to complete the conversion and would it be possible to forgo the .38 kit and just have the 9mm reamed?

June 1, 2009, 12:25 PM
Several things come to mind when looking at the 9X23 when compared to 38 Super:
* The cases are the same length, but the 9X23 has a significantly thicker web section to safely allow use of higher pressure loads in pistols chambered for this cartridge.
* A pistol chambered for 38 Super could be modified to safely fire 9X23, but it would require considerable knowledge of firearm mechanics and structure to be done safely.
* A pistol specifically chambered for the 9X23 would be a better bet due to cycling issues with the pistol (recoil spring tension, opening speed, slide speed).