View Full Version : Armor carrier help!

May 30, 2009, 04:41 PM
I came across a used plate carrier with BALCS cut soft armor inserts. The carrier itself is a cheper material that doesn't fit quite right. I'm looking for a new armor carrier that will carry both large SAPI plates and BALCS soft armor inserts in the front and the back.

I'm looking to keep the cost under $300 if I can. I've looked at the EAGLE CIRAS as well as the Tactical Tailor cutaway armor carrier and the Tactical Assault Gear cutaway armor carrier. Most of them have prices well over $400. The carrier I'm most interested in is the Blackhawk STRIKE cutaway armor carrier V1. I would really appreciate anyones input and ideas on other manufacturers and setups.

Also, feel free to post any pictures of your plate/armor carriers and how you have them set up. Thanks in advance for the input!

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