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May 28, 2009, 12:14 PM
Good Old Shooting Practice

Do the things you can't do at a normal range: Draw from your holster, shoot on the move, engage multiple targets, double taps and more. This is not a competition. This is solely practice for those that do choose to carry (openly or concealed).

Sunday, June 14th
Time: 9:30am - 2 pm

Check in with me at 9:15 but no later than 9:45 I am very punctual and if you are not on the range by 9:45 you cannot shoot. Please keep in mind you will have to pay and sign-in so give yourself plenty of time especially if you have never shot at this range. Rain or shine.

Renton Fish and Game Club (http://www.rfgc.org)
Open to the public - you do not need to be a member. Must be a concealed pistol license (CPL) holder. Have a good level of proficiency with your carry gun - meaning you can hit the side of the barn in front of you.

Deadline to register:
Thursday, June 11th by 5pm No late entry or same day shooters meaning No Walk-on shooters

How much:
Cost for you will be $25 for non members and $5 for members - to cover only target and facility charges. No money is allocated to the instructors as this is strictly done on a volunteer range/safety officer basis. So, the people running the range are all non-paid volunteers. Membership to Renton Fish and Game Club is available onsite. For non-members this fee will allow you to shoot at the rifle and pistol range all day too!

This is to get the right mindframe for this type of practice. We are not fast draw nor is this a competition. We will guide and ensure the safety of all shooters as best as possible.

There are not many opportunities to practice from your concealed holster in the US (let alone in Washington), unless you join a high priced indoor range or travel to the hills for a few hours drive or compete.

My proposal has been to use the RFGC’s Action Bays to shoot steel plates and targets using your concealed holster and also on the move. Shoot as rapidly as you want and can safely handle. No full auto guns – thanks.

I want to develop practice training opportunities for CPL (concealed pistol license) holders and expose members of RFGC to a side of shooting many do not get to experience. Sure you can do this at an IDPA or USPSA (ISPC) match, but that's in front of a whole group of folks in a competition level. I wanted to present a fun user friendly environment for people to practice and possibly become interested in shooting IDPA or USPSA.

Safety First, then it's all good after that.

For non CPL (members or non members): Please be aware that this is a Cold Range (basically, don't have a loaded gun). Bring your gun in a case or holster (empty: no magazine or round in chamber). Absolutely no gun handling except on the firing line and in a Designated Safety Area. If you are seen handling your firearm behind others you will be asked to leave.
Violation of Rule #1 - failure to treat the gun with proper mindset.

Other things:
Safety First
I'm hoping this is a start of something fun for everyone. I really don't want to make it our last. Please be mindful that we need to be safe at all times.
1) Treat your Gun as it's always loaded, do not handle unless you are up to shoot DO NOT HANDLE YOUR GUN
2) Muzzle - only point downrange
3) No finger on trigger unless you are shooting

Pistol or revolver - ANY pistol caliber is fine. I'm not biased so bring what you have so long as you can shoot it safely. Yes, that means a .22 is okay. Please do have a good holster that can withstand multiple re-holstering. A flimsy holster may be unsafe. Holster is not required but recommended - you will just have to case and uncase on the firing line.

Please NO armour piercing or tracers, explosive rounds, etc. Good Hollow points or FMJ are fine. Frangiles are recommend but not required. Please stock up and bring lots of ammo.

I strongly recommend at least 300 rounds +

You can always shoot it another day. You can also buy some at the range too.

No Targets Needed. We'll use the stands for IDPA and get a IDPA targets to shoot at. You do not need any targets.

Distances of targets
The IDPA targets will be from 5 ft to 30 ft and steel plates will be out to about 30-50 ft (for safety).

Steel Plates
Round steel plates used for cowboy action - makes a great sound when you hit them.

You must contact me with your email and contact phone number. I'll confirm and send you more details of the shoot.

email me at [email protected]

Young Kim,
NRA Certified Instructor (pistol), NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Life Member
RFGC and IDPA member

May 30, 2009, 12:51 AM
For those that do not have a concealed pistol license - there is hope.

So, that is a good question - can you come without a CPL?

For me I use the CPL for many reasons.

1) The top reason is for safety. I know by you having a CPL you have undergone a background check by the PD.
2) The main reason for this practice is for those that have chosen to take on the responsibilities knowingly or not of what it can be by carrying a gun - I want to encourage folks to carry and get used to it more and more - what better way than to practice with your gear.
3) You should have carry gear - holster and maybe a mag pouch and most likely have practice your draw at home (of course, with safety in mind).
4) You have "vested" time and money to get your CPL

The other reason is I wanted to offer an experience to RFGC members something you don't get to do everyday. Draw from your holster, shoot on the move and just have some fun like the good old days.

So, I'm not so closed minded. You can circumvent my rule of CPL by:
A) Joining Renton Fish and Game Club
B) by showing me your gun purchase papers with your name and serial number - since you also do have to go through a check to get your gun.

What I do want to avoid is a new shooter that is not proficient enough to handle their firearm. When I have 30 guys waiting it's not the time to do a one to one instruction course on how to shoot. Pointers and recommendations... Yes, but I don't have all day to spend and I don't think those 30 guys want to wait either.

If you decide to join Renton Fish and Game Club - think of it as I'm giving you a $20 discount on the membership - all you pay for the shoot is $5. Yes, you can join the same morning but do come early so you can fill out the paperwork. Membership is $100 per year with a one time $30 Initiation Fee.

FYI: if your interested in what people have said about the shoots I oversee you can do a search here or at the following forums too:

Young Kim, NRA Certified Instructor (pistol)
NRA Life Member, NRA Range Safety Officer
RFGC and IDPA Member

"Shoot Safely, Shoot Often and Share Your Sport"

June 22, 2009, 06:40 PM
Just to keep it interesting. We're looking at the next shoot for August.

For this practice session we are pondering the idea of a steel challenge. 1 or 2 bays allocated to have 2 shooters go head to head. Each shooter will have a bank of steel plates (6-8), from a low ready each will engage the plates and whichever hits all of them first wins the round. You can challenge your buddies or someone new in the group. It's all for fun.

No Prizes or awards. Just bragging rights. Also we'll have a few bays for some good shooting too!

Will let you know what day we come up with.

Mr. James
June 23, 2009, 09:02 AM
This almost makes me ponder the wisdom of my relocation from the Great Northwest to the Old Dominion, as much as I love my adopted home. :p

Keep up the good work, Mr. Kim!

Bob James
late of Bainbridge Island and Bellingham