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sneaky pete
May 24, 2009, 10:10 AM
old Sneaky Pete back fron the range: I recently decided to scope my M1 Garand primilarily CUZ my eyes have turned to SH** and I planned to use the Garand for Ferral pig hunting in central Florida. At 1st I thought of the traditional mount--Off to the side (like the Garand Sniper M1C or D set-up) but when I realised that you would loose use of your Iron Sights I then considered a Scout Mount and Handgun combination. I found that Fulton Armory and The CMP sold the Scout Mounts-F/A was out of stock and CMP had about a 3>4 month backlog, so on www.surplusriflesforum.com I found someone that lived close to the South store that was planning a trip to the store and would make the purchase for me. I also bought a Weaver Classic Handgun 4X28 scope and a pair of Warne med height Q/R rings( if the scope takes a sh** I've still got my Iron Sights) from Midway USA. Last Tuesday everything arrived and I installed them, which was incrediably easy--10 allen screws and 4 set screws--about 10 minute and DIDN'T damage any of the Garand parts (making it easy to put back to the Origional condition--Important to collectors). Saturday I was up in Miami for our Club match/shoot and started @ 25 yds to get on paper and adjust to 1"low as advisd on JBM Ballistics site for 150gr FMJ M2Ball @ 2750 FPS--then went out to 100yds for Zero. Our Club shoots 10 shot strings and Supportd I was consistantly keeping 2MOA for the 10 shots @ 100yds which I consider acceptable for my purposes(with Handloads I expect sub 1.5 MOA 10 shot groups) I recommend this Scout Mount/Long Eye Relief handgun Scope set-up to anyone whoe's eyes are going and wants to hunt/target shoot his/hers Garand but not ruin the collectors value. My cost for the Scout Mount, handgun scope, and Q/R rings was around $350+/-. THANX--SNEAKY :)

May 24, 2009, 12:25 PM
I did the same to mine but not because of my eyesight. I added the Aimpoint CompC3 2X 1moa red dot to it using the same scout mount for hunting/shooting in low-light conditions. I haven't had the chance to take it hunting under those conditions yet, but I feel it'll do fine. I am able to keep all 8 in the X-ring at 100yds with milsurp ammo.