View Full Version : PT140 Millenium (not pro version) magazine release broke

May 21, 2009, 10:55 AM
I was at the range today bringing this guy out from storage as I haven't shot it in a couple years. Well about 35 rounds in and halfway through a mag it drops to the bench and I can feel loose plastic in my right hand. I clear the gun and look at the bench. I see the mag and a couple small black pieces of plastic. I empty the mag and try to put it back in but it wouldn't catch. I look at the mag release from the left and it appeared fine and moved in/out when depressed. From the right side there was about half of it missing. I can see into the frame through a hole in the cracked mag release. I take the slide off and see that there is no longer a nub to hold the mag when inserted.

This had happened to the previous owner and he had Taurus fix it. Me being in NY and being recommended to have an FFL send it costs alot just to have the mag release swapped out for another. I am wondering if there are instructions or directions somewhere to install a mag release for this model? I see instructions for the new versions (the Pro) but I dont think everything is the same regarding its removal. I was able to depress the mag spring and got what was left of the release out but that was quite the process and I am unsure of the best way to put it back in.

I got the parts in the mail last night from Taurus. I put the new mag release in without the spring to test how it fit and it was very tight. I lightly sanded the edges and it now moves smoothly from side to side.

My trouble is with attaching the spring to the mag release. I can either put the release in the frame but can't seem to get the spring in the frame and also lined up with the hole/slot in the release, or (as I have it now) I got the spring to sit in the slotted housing but can' seem to get it out of the way to get the release in. I am wondering if there is anyone here that may have a trick to installing this, a guide (or location to one), or any other advice to get the spring attached to the mag release while it is already inserted in the frame. Thanks!

October 15, 2009, 06:53 AM
Not to bring up an old dead thread but in case someone searches in the future for a remedy in this situation I ended up at a dead end.

I talked with a buddy of mine that works at the local police department and he was willing to take my frame to see their armorer for suggestions. The armorer noted that the only way to correctly replace the spring is to remove the trigger assembly. He did not recommend doing that on my own.

Thus I had sent it back to Taurus for the second time to replace the broken mag release for the second time. Needless to say that this once favorite is now in the process of being traded for something else.

confirmed shooter
October 15, 2009, 07:28 AM
If you would be so kind, How did you order parts from Taurus? I have a pt1911, need to get a few new parts. Some for now and some in spare. Thanks, charlie sierra

October 15, 2009, 04:01 PM
I looked in my manual at the exploded view and saw what parts I needed. I gave their customer service a call and ordered them. They came in about a weeks time. If you dont have a manual you can look it up on their website with some searching.