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May 21, 2009, 09:28 AM
Good Day
I have some questions about my Rockola carbine. The serial number is 4562929 and from what I understand means the weapon was made between Nov 1943 and March 1944. The receiver and barrel have the name Rockola on them. Bore is in excellent condition,
1. The barrel has the name Rockola in two places one by the sight and the other along side near the slider. The letter P and then the words SAMCO MK1 F1 or FL. What do the words SAMCO etc mean?
2. The stock has the following stamped on it. “U” “A” “N” “P”. Then in a square approx ½ by ½, the letter S and another letter I can’t make out something like a U or O or 8 or ?? I do not think it says “US” because with the “S” to the left I see a faint loop on the bottom on the next letter/number to the right. Can anyone tell me about the stock?
3. I thought that since this weapon was made in 43-44 I would try any get an original sling and oiler. Good luck on that one. I saw an ad on Ebay saying WWII Sling 1943. $40. but as far as I can tell the year 1943 is now where on that sling. Where can I buy an original WWII carbine sling?
Thank you for your time.

May 21, 2009, 03:39 PM
The SAMCO is a importers stamp and the letters on the stock in the last picture are SG which is the manufacturers stamp for Saginaw (you have a Saginaw stock) The ANP and U are arsenal rebuild stamps. ANP are for Anniston Arsenal (AN and the inspectors initial (P) The U is probably for Underwood rebuild indicating it went through some type refurbishment by Underwood as well as Anniston.

May 21, 2009, 06:32 PM
Thank you for the info TLeo

BTW I saw a sling advertised as a 1943. Since there are no date marking on the sling I asked the seller how he knew it was a 1943. He said because the box it came in was marked 1943. I thought that it should have at least a 1943 mark on it f he wants $40 for it.
What do you think?

May 22, 2009, 07:11 AM
I'm not an expert by any means on slings and carbines, but be careful of any slings with markings like dates, etc. I believe there were some with markings but there are lots and lots of fakes being made these days. They seem to usually be marked SM Co 1944 or FS Co 1943 or something similar. If it's original, $40 may be okay ( a litle high) but I've seen original ones go higher or lower.

May 22, 2009, 02:28 PM
Thanks again TLeo.
I think I will probably just buy a sling that they say is a repro. But I love that "it can out of a box marked 1943". I think I'll send him a $20 bill that I took out of an envelope that says $50 bills.

May 23, 2009, 11:41 PM
I'll fax off that 40 bucks right away. I don't know that I've ever seen a sling marked with manufacture date on it, or even packaging with the year of manufacture on it for that matter, they list the item number and contract number only usually. The ammo is dated usually, and the "born-on" year of the firearm is available by checking the serial number. I tried to talk my local gun shop into including one of the slings off a few other carbines they had when I bought my Rockola, it didn't work though. Sadly, I know they were actual correct slings and oilers, as I knew the guy who consigned them for sale there and he had got them immediately after WW-II someway or another from the military, he never told me how.

I thought I had maybe paid a bit too much for mine until today when I saw my CMP catalog, and Rockolas were listed for $40.00 more than I paid for mine just a few weeks ago.