View Full Version : Reccomendations Celestron vs. Konus 100 mm spotting scopes

May 19, 2009, 08:53 AM
I am looking at a new spotting scope and have narrowed it down to the Konus Konuspot 20-60x100 Spotting Scope and the Celestron Ultima 100 Spotting Scope 52252 100mm. Price wise the are comparable. I plan on using them for match shooting. I know the pros and cons of 100mm being heavier to carry and a bit more than needed for 200 yard and 300 yard match shooting, but I like the added benefit of more light capture with the 100mm scopes. Both scopes have similar features with the exception of the Celestron which does not have a ring for rotating the scope, but does have a a greater zoom of 66x as opposed to 60x with the Konus. Has anyone had experience with these scopes? I have not, but would like to get opinions and purchase this week if possible. The reviews online have not been helpful, so I thought I would reach out the members and see what everyone thinks.

May 20, 2009, 06:47 PM
Hi Tower and welcome to TFL!

I've had and still have a number of Celestron scopes and binoculars and I have used some Konus as well. Both companies make an equally good product in most cases except for a few cheapo items. I personally would go with the Celsestron Ultima, they have a very good reputation. But the Konus gives you a lot for the money as well. Which store/company are you looking to buy from?