View Full Version : Horton Crossbow Scope SS047 elevation knob help

May 16, 2009, 09:16 PM
Hello , I'm new here and an avid shooter & hunter as well as a member of the NRA.

I have a question about a scope thats mounted on a crossbow.

I have a Horton multi range 4 x 32 crossbow scope model SS047 , today I took the bow outside and the first shot was 12" high so I began to adjust the elevation adjustment and the arrows started to come down , finally after making several adjustments the knob seemed to release, now im shooting 2 full feet high! I can no longer adjust the elevation, I can turn it and it clicks but its not making any adjustments its just spinning

Please let me explain.....

The part i was turning with a penny was "counter sunk" in the tube and felt tight & secure, I felt the knob pop out as if being pushed by a spring, I can actually push it down with my finger and it moves the crosshairs up , and when i let go it pushes back out flush with the top of the tube, I feel like i unscrewed something somehow while adjusting the elevation

I am unfamiliar with the inners of a rifle scope and hope I didnt ruin a beauty of a scope , I sent a letter to Horton to see if they will service it, also a letter to midway usa to see if it can be fixed, then I thought of asking you guys for your 2 cents.

I know I didn't do the best job of explaining it, so if you have any questions please ask, In looking forward to getting my bow zeroed in.

Thanks who ever helps