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May 14, 2009, 01:35 PM
I have the rare opportunity to get ahold of a brand new EOtech M553 HWS. It is a dark earth color. And i can't use it due to the fact that the great state of South Carolina charges and arm and a leg for child support. So i need to get rid of my toys!! I spent over 750 bucks for this baby!! let me know if interested. I am sure we can work out a price point that we can both live with.


EOTech HOLO Sight M 553, modeled after the ever popular, battle proven Eotech HWS design. The EOTech M553 HOLO Weapon Sight incorporates many additional features required within the SOPMOD Block 2 program.

The advantage of HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight 553 is holographic raticle patterns that are instantly visible in any light condition, instinctive to center regardless of shooting angle and always remain in view to achieve lightning quick reticle to target acquisition without covering or obscuring the point of aim.

The magic of EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sights is the edge they provide to you in close quarter or urban combat zones. L3-Communications EOTech HOLOgraphic M553 Weapon Sight will remain fully operational even when laminated window is obstructed by mud, snow, rain, or even damaged/shattered, as long as you can see through any portion of the laminated window, the entire reticle pattern will be visible on target... with point of aim/impact being maintained and EOTech HWS Weapon Sight SU-231/PEQ (M553) Night Vision compatible 553.A65/1 is being fully functional, the operator can still engage with confidence. The Holographic Weapon Sight EOTech M553 employs a true Heads-Up Display that eliminates blind spots, constricted vision, or the tunnel vision associated with tubed sights. All user controls are flush to the HWS's streamline housing with no protruding knobs, battery compartments or mounting rings blocking vision at the target area. True, 2 eyes open shooting is realized with EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight. Instant threat identification is achieved by maximizing the operator's peripheral vision and ultimately gaining greater control of the engagement zone.

Twenty brightness levels of EOTech HOLO Weapon Sight M553 - 553.A65/1 ensure proper brightness control in either low light or very bright sunlight. An on-board microprocessor provides automatic battery check indicator, up/down brightness scrolling and programmable auto shutdown features. All HWS's state-of-the-art electronics are fully encapsulated in shock absorbing resin compound to withstand shock. The EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight M553 553 A65 1 has been designed and tested to provide consistent, reliable performance even in the most hostile operational environments. It is waterproof, fogproof, shockproof, and temperature proof. The EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight 553 is designed to withstand Mil-Spec drop tests and still remain fully operational and hold zero. The HWS has been extensively tested in a punishing recoil simulator generating 3,500 G's of acceleration in less than 0.5 milliseconds (the recoil of a .454 Casull revolver) as well as various environmental chambers). EOTech Weapon Sight's Heads Up Display is constructed with a 3 layer, shatterproof laminate glass that is 3/16" thick for added durability. Additional protection of the EOTech HOLO Sight 553.A65/1 SU-231/PEQ (M553) Night Vision compatible is provided with a "roll bar" ruggedized hood.

The EOTech Weapon Sight M553 does not emit any muzzle side position revealing light signature...the projected reticle pattern is visible only to the operator of L3 Communications EOTECH 553. Even Gen III night vision equipment cannot detect muzzle side signature of the operator's position. All optical surfaces of EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight 553 are flat and treated with anti-reflective coatings eliminating additional muzzle side signature due to reflective glare. No need for costly glare elimination filters that reduce the effective light transmission and further dim the target area.