View Full Version : SP101 SA or DAO Trigger Plunger differences?

May 12, 2009, 05:58 PM
Are there any differences between the SP101 SA or DAO Trigger Plungers?

I have a DAO SP101 and the Trigger Plunger looks like the image below EXCEPT the small nipple at the top left above the 45 degree angle is NOT there. This top area is essentially flat from the left 45 degree angle over to the right until the raised curve.

Could this be the cause of a trigger return problem? Could that raised nipple have seared off? When I first got the pistol you had to really make sure the trigger came forward to have a second shot. It has grown progressively worse where the action just locks up. I took the gun apart to perform the action job and found the trigger plunger in the described condition.