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May 11, 2009, 03:16 PM
Now let me preface by saying that I am not the best of shooters. So it was a surprise to me what happened yesterday. My club held a 200 yard Buffalo Shoot. Three sets of four silhouette metal targets, a chicken (4 pts.) a pig (3 pts.) a turkey (2 pts) and a ram (1 pt) and then one larger buffalo. (Knock it down with one shot - 4 pts, 2nd shot - 3 pts., etc...) You are allowed only four shots per position.
I had my 1942 No. 1, Mk. III and coming to the shoot was an afterthought. After all, it was Mother's Day, so what better gift can a husband give a wife but to get out of her hair - especially when she wants to pait a couple rooms!
I had two loads, a 150 grain, and a 180 grain. During practice, I did something I had not done before. I hit the chicken. Could this be a portent of the future???
So, first string, offhand, miss, then hit the pig, then hit the turkey, then went back for the chicken, miss. 5 pts.
Second string, sitting, miss, then hit the pig, then hit the turkey, then went back for the chicken, miss. 5 pts.
Third string from a bench. Hit the pig, hit the turkey, hit the chicken, and hit the ram. 10 points. Holy Moly, :eek: this is the best I have done. Now for the Buffalo. :)
I was encouraged to hit it in the ass, in order to spin it off the stand. Others were hitting and it was not falling, but if they hit it in the butt, it spun and fell.
So I aimed at the butt. I got shaky. Also, I had run out of my 150 grains that I knew reasonably where they were hitting. I now had the 180 grain. How would it do??? And I shook some more. I thought I was completely off the target when I shot. Instead, there is a CLANG, and it falls. 4 points. I hit it in the hump with the 180 and down it went.
24 points. Would that be enough? :confused:
Turned out, it was! I took 1st place in miscellanous actions and even outdid some people with scopes on their rifles in terms of points! :eek:

Proof that miracles can occur, or that I need to watch out for lightning! :D
The Doc is out now. :cool: