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trigger treat
May 9, 2009, 01:31 AM
I have a mauser 98k rifle with a red, almost cherry colored stock. the headstamp has a chilean seal and underneath "MODELO 1912-61". the 61 is obviously engraved on along with the word NATO underneath modelo 1912-61. The metal is not blued, it maintains a straight bolt. On the side of the receiver it reads "WAFFENFABRIK STEYR AUSTRIA", i was told when i purchased it that they were made sometime before ww2, and that they had their barrels replaced with 1903 springfield barrels to comply with NATO standards and shoot 7.62x51. the -61 was probably the year of the modification. the front sight also lacks the hood. There are also strange shapes cast into the metal parts including what looks like a shield, an asterisk, and crossed hammers. I love shooting this gun, a Mauser in .308 does not have as much kick as the 8x57 and out of all my guns it feels the most solid and stable. Does anyone know anything more about this particular rifle? or have the same gun.

May 9, 2009, 09:58 AM
Although your pics aren't very definitive, the rifle appears to be a 7.62 conversion of a Steyr Model 1912 Mauser Short Rifle (SR) from the original 7mm.

The action was originally made between 1912-1914 (since production ceased at the start of WW I), in the white - and stayed that way after conversion unless altered.
It should have a two-groove barrel.
Most of the SR conversions had turned-down bolt handles - with the long rifle (29" bbl) conversions having the straight handles.

The disc on the right side, with the crossed miner's hammers, is another Chilean proofmark.

The "-61" isn't necessarily the year it was converted, but more likely the year the conversion was first authorized.

The furniture configs can further confirm the model.