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May 8, 2009, 04:55 PM
I recently got a chance to out shooting. Majority of the day was great until I ran into a brick of .22 CCI HP's...keep in mind i had been shooting CCI HP's all day through multiple rifles and 2 pistols. These were not feeding right, they were not being ejected correctly. At first i thought it was the new cheap mag I bought (Eagle 30 rnd) So i threw it aside and grabbed my butler creek 25. Same thing was happening, when the round was fired it didnt crack like .22's do it was more of a plunk sound you would hear. really low and deep. They were all over the place. So i through a couple into the stock 10 rnd mag and experienced the same issue. put them through the BA rifle. And still the horrible accuracy and weird plunk instead of a crack. Same issue in revolver. i still have about 65 Rnds from that brick left.

what should I do? Contact CCI and notify them? Is it possible more are like this? i have shot CCI and CCI only for 9 yrs never ran into this kind of problem. What do you all recommend?

May 16, 2009, 03:59 AM
I wouldn't shoot any more. I think thats a general rule: if you shoot a gun and it malfunctions in any way, do your safety and function checks, clean the weapon, or take it to a shop. If it happens with suspect ammo but not known good ammo, don't shoot any more. Probably the ammo got moisture in it somehow or is really old. I've never had any bad CCI's, so that is strange. See if your store will take your complaint. They probably won't refund your money esp if you shot a bunch, but they will probably want to know what happened if more people got the crap ammo.