View Full Version : HELP Winchester/Meilink Safe Problem

May 5, 2009, 09:03 AM
I was opening my Winchester fireproof safe purchased in 2000 and the shaft that operates the locking mechanism snapped off just inside the door. I need clear photos of the internal mechanism and locking bolt location [a yardstick in the photo for reference would be good] or if too much effort to open the back of the door, a photo of the backside of the door with the bolts extended and with a yardstick might be helpful. I do not believe the relocking mechanism has been activated
I have been in touch withi Meilink and they were most USELESS as far as warranty service. They will send parts for repair but not a tech to open the safe. Stated if I would send the safe [Probably close to 1000 lbs loaded] to them [3-4 states away] they would open and repair it for free. Then I would have to pay shipping to get it back.
This is poor service indeed for a safe costing $2600 in 2000. Winchester should be ashamed to have had their log on this piece of junk. It has never been abused. Examination of the broken shaft revealed it was made of soft, low strength steel. It should have been made of high carbon tempered steel. I will NEVER buy another safe made by this fly by night outfit.
Thanks to anyone who can help.

May 6, 2009, 08:04 PM
If the lock is in the unlocked position, you may be able to tip the safe towards the hinge side and get it to open. The obvious problem with this is that you may not want to tip it if you have loose firearms stored inside.

For security reasons, I can not supply you with photos showing the inside of the safe door, but would be happy to point you towards a local safe tech who would be capable of opening and repairing your safe.