View Full Version : TTC range report and questions

May 4, 2009, 07:25 PM
I put a total of about 220 rounds of Bulgarian 7.62x25mm from 1953 through my TTC yesterday and today. I had a couple of failures to feed caused by an unseated magazine, but no failures that were the gun's fault. Oh, the Bulgarian ammo (from sportsman's guide) had about 12 bad primers so far, and only 1 would not light off with a second tap. I have a spam can of Romanian ammo from AIM due on Wednesday.

The muzzle flash and report were everything I heard about and more. The recoil is noticeable, but quite controllable. The trigger is NICE on mine. It has a long take-up with a light, crisp trigger. The safety has loosened up a bit, and now is really nice with a crisp "click" on and off. At first it was REALLY stiff. The sights are nice, but it seems to hit about 3" high at 25 yards--but it makes nice little groups at 25yds! My buddy brought out a brake disc from an old truck today and we chipped away at it from 15 to 25yds. About 80 rounds later, the middle was gone and a lot of the outside had neat little holes round it.

Over all, I really enjoy it and can't wait to buy a bunch of mags to go with it. It's really something.

My question has to do with Tokarev ammo. Is the Czech stuff really loaded hot enough to damage a TTC or TT-33? That doesn't make much sense in my head, since the Czechs were making ammo for the USSR, and not their own private use, they would have no idea whether it ended up in a TT-33, CZ-52, PPSH-41 or 43, or going into a warehouse for the next sixty years. Then again, those crazy commies may have loaded some ammo stiffer than others I guess.

Thanks again.