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May 4, 2009, 10:19 AM
here is a possible outcome and it pertains to a friend who lives in a secluded
home on about 70 acres...

suppose a lone burgler or BG breaks and enters the house. It is late night / early morning. The homeowner is awakened (via dog let's say) and BG is proceeding upstairs to the sleeping quarters. The homeowner lights up the stairway and BG has some kind of weapon (knife, crow bar, etc.) and due to the break in, the time, and the fact that the BG is deep into the home with a weapon, the homeowner fires multiple times stiking the BG. The BG expires right there on the stairs.

this is over correct? The homeowner committed no crime. He removes the BG and honorably and privately disposes of the remains. He has a contractor's license/experience so he makes repairs to the home accordingly.

Why would he call anyone? There are no witnesses. The nearest neighbor is
over a mile away. What is the point of an investigation?

Normally, a call would be made for assistance or notifying the authorities to send help. Maybe send police and medical services. There is no help needed in this situation. It's his home, his property, why should strangers be called and be allowed to poke around and form their own decisions/judgements. There is no reason for a court hearing.

To make this less complicated legally, the state in question is not only a castle doctrine state, but also has Stand your ground laws.

Lastly, to those who would say, what happens when friend of BG or family of BG file a missing persons report? What normally happens is they find the last place/people who saw BG. That's a goose chase and what friend is going to say, well I dropped my buddy off to rob this house...

to others who might argue that the homeowner will need care for shock. He is an two time war vet who is very experienced with handling trauma / death.

Maybe I am thoughtless and heartless but why does he have to call anyone?

What makes NOT calling illegal in this situation?

I'm sure someone will base some argument over, well, "just to be safe" or
"it's the right thing to do"

Why? That would assume there has been breaking of the law or highly immoral action.

May 4, 2009, 10:25 AM
Failure to report a homicide, even a justifiable homicide, is a crime in many/most locations.

Failure to report the "knowledge of a death" is also a crime in many locations.

May 4, 2009, 10:25 AM
1st... IBTL...
2nd... I don't think anyone that lives by SSS (shoot shovel and shut up) is going to break rule number 3 on a forum in public...
3rd... TFL decided many years ago that illegal activity is taboo discussion.
Not reporting the shooting is "interfering with a police investigation" charge (even though they do not know they need to investigate) at the very minimum...

Glenn E. Meyer
May 4, 2009, 10:33 AM
Not to step on other moderators toes and they can reverse me - but a discussion of breaking the law on an extremely forced scenario is not really appropriate for TFL.