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May 3, 2009, 10:15 PM
Question 1 - I was looking to get a compact 9mm with good capacity (ie 15 rounds) that I can suppress at the range for fun while still carry and be comfortable unsuppressed. First, I was trying to determine which caliber would be the quietest to suppress while still being effective as an SD gun w/o the can. Based on my research it seems 9mm is the best option. 45 would be the next option because its subsonic but it still will be a bit louder than a 9mm suppressed. The 40 doesn't seem like a good candidate to suppress due to the velocity and sonic boom. Am I on the right track? Obviously lesser calibers might be even more quiet but I don't want to dip below something in 9mm.

Question 2 - If 9mm is the way to, which gun should I get? First I need a reliable simple high cap 9mm, the G19, 229, come to mind but I also would like to be able to buy one with a threaded barrell already installed? Is this possible with Sig or Glock or anyone else??

Question 3 - During my research, I read about recoil booster, still not sure what is is, or if its needed but would I need one if I got a glock or Sig and if so how expensive are they and is there anyway avoiding getting one? do I need one if I go with Glock or Sig?

May 4, 2009, 10:36 AM
Most pistol suppressors come with a booster. It helps browning action pistols (most pistols) cycle the slide with the heavy weight on the end of the barrel. It can be called an L.I.D., booster, or Neilson Device.

The H&K Tactical pistols are already setup with threaded barrels for silencers.

Sig makes a tactical version with a threaded barrel.

You can buy threaded barrels for a Glock.

.45 is fun to suppress but you'll need to shoot the silencer wet. You can research this forum to read all about wet suppressors. With 9mm, shoot 147 grain ammo to keep it subsonic and avoid the whip-like crack. You can also shoot 9mm wet for even greater suppression.

Willie Lowman
May 4, 2009, 06:29 PM
What he said.

There are some guns that you don't need a recoil booster to suppress. The Beretta 92 is a top choice for this reason (you do have to change recoil springs). That is the other edge of the booster 'sword,' if you find a pistol that dosn't need a booster you will probably need to change springs for the gun to function with the can.

Or you could get a pistol with a fixed barrel like a P7.

Have we confused you yet?