View Full Version : Scope: Handgun, long range 12x

May 3, 2009, 07:36 PM
I've got a 2-7x Bushnell on my T/C Contender, Super 14"-.223.
It works, it's been working since I put it on there back in '94 when I bought it.

I want something stronger. I wouldn't even consider shooting this handgun at anything less than a hundred yards... I'd love to try some 200 and beyond. 7x just isn't going to cut it! I need a handgun scope with stronger magnification.

Burris makes a 3-12x 35mm. That would be terrific, but I can't find it for a penny less than $350.

Folks, am I dreaming? Am I way too damn cheap to have a stronger magnification handgun scope on this fine handgun?

If it matters, there's very little recoil in this rig, so I don't need some bulletproof monster that can fend off .44 or .500 Magnum kind of recoil. The .223 is a pussycat.

I'm dying for 12x in a quality handgun scope, but I'm a cheapass.

If you know of other options, I'm sure listening.

Many thanks.